Go to “Download Section”

Click the download button, you will be redirect to download page

Click “download” in the download’s page

For website kdrama.download, we promise that no ads there, totally free of ads and it is direct link download. But for other website, maybe there are some ads, we apologize because we can’t control the third party website.

  • Go to “Download Section”



  • Click the Subtitle’s tab



  • Click the subtitle with desired language
  • You will be redirect to subscene or other subtitle download page

Our website only provide two languages for the subtitle: English and Indonesian.

If you want to change the subtitle for video streaming:

  • Choose it from “CC” or Closed Caption button in the player.

  • Choose it from server that provide different subtitle (if any)

If you found that subtitle in the “download section” is blank, it means that the video is RAW VIDEO, video without subtitle.

So, how to add subtitle to that video? follow this step:

  • Download the video
  • Download the subtitle
  • Rename the subtitle to exactly as the name of the video, see the example in picture below

  • Play the video with VLC Player, GOM Player, etc.

Do not Play it with Windows Media Player.

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